How to Clean Church Pews

church pews cleaningThe church pew is mostly seen seating in almost every church in many countries. Most of these seating are wooden, however some churches offer cushioned pews for their members. Anyway, here in this article we will learn how to clean wooden church pews effectively. As you probably know many people pass through a church pew for one day. Imagine how many dirt, body liquids and loose dust is accumulating on this simple seating. So, it is important for every priest to maintain its church on a regular basis or use a professional cleaning services, who are working in some of the churches there.

So, how to clean church pews effectively? According to the cleaners in Elwood, there is one easy way to do the job. First of all, you need to get a moisten soft cotton cloth and try to remove any excess water off it. If your cloth is soaking, then you risk to damage the wooden surface. Just a barely damp cleaning rag will do the job. Then, wipe completely one pew at a time, so you can remove all the dust. Usually the church pews have many cracks and carvings that are very hard to reach for just a cloth. You can effectively use a brush and slightly scrub the areas.

The cleaning process above was just an initial pre-treatment. Now it is time for the real cleaning. Take another clean cloth and damp it with mineral spirits, which is the best wood cleaner. Don’t forget to apply some spirits on your brush as well. Now treat again the pews, but this time make sure to rub harder, so you can remove effectively all the oils, residue and grime. Again work all the cracks and cravings with the brush. This way you will ensure a spotless cleaning. And for a finishing look the professional cleaners in Richmond advise us to use a clean microfiber cloth. Work all the pews for a great shining effect.

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